Friday, October 19, 2012

Halloween Macaroons

I have found another excuse to buy macaroons. Yes, Halloween macaroons. 
Why you ask? 
Because macaroons are phenomenal.  

You know that question about being stranded on an island and what 1 thing would you take.  Macaroons. 
I could survive on macaroons. 

I actually had to ban myself from driving from Pasadena to Botega Louie LA (a 30 minute trip one way) just to buy these mini crack like pastries. I adore them. You should too. So please go out this weekend and find a Halloween inspired macaroon and treat yourself to their brilliance. If you are  in LA run to Botega Louie & have a rose macaroon for me. 

If you don't live in LA no need to worry. Macaroons are available online. 
These jet black and lavender blackcurrent white chocolate ganache can be ordered online from LeBonbonLA online at Etsy. They even do custom colors and flavors. Great idea for a party.

If you happen to be in NYC then head to Laduree. These stunning orange passionfruit macaroons are limited edition. They are stored in a beautiful black and gold box that you won't throw away. Ever. Laudree is the French bakery and currently has locations all over the globe.  Except in the states, where you have one option. The upper east side. 

I found these beautiful pumpkin and ghost Halloween macaroons over at poppytalk this morning. The post originated from a Japanese blog so not to sure where you can get these but I'm sure the photo can provide inspiration. I love the idea of having a day of the dead party. 
The colors are great. 

These apricot chestnut macaroons from Botega combine the richness of chestnut cream with the tart sweetness of apricot jam. 

These black licorice flavored macaroons have a bright green filling reminiscent of absinthe. How fun would these be with a witch themed dessert bar. Made to order and shipped from the LeBonbon store on etsy
These Caribbean chocolate chocolate ganache macaroons are from lette macaroons and can be ordered online as well. 
Now you have an excuse to get a macaroon. I expect nothing less than a weekend of indulging in these exceptionally beautiful and amazingly wonderful treats. 

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