Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Toddler Halloween Costumes DIY

My favorite thing to do on Halloween is pass out the candy. I love the costumes and asking each kid what he is. My favorite costume ever was a teenage boy that had glued barbie dolls all over his clothes. He was a chick magnet of course. This year I am outfitting a tween and a toddler and trying to find some creative costumes that don't involve the typical store bought themes. Here are a few of my all time favorite toddler Halloween costumes. 

If there could be an Ethel or a Ricky this would be priceless. 
Nothing more festive than a pinata. 
So cute and so easy to do. The ultimate thrift store DIY costume.
My all time favorite. My sister went as this one year and my daughter was a dalmatian puppy. 

DIY super hero costume cause every kid needs a cape. 

I love this idea. You can create the onesie out of a white masking tape. Great costume pair for siblings. 


Much better than the store bought versions. 

Just like the book.

I love this kids parents. 

                                          Biker baby - would be great paired with a biker babe. 

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