Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Last minute Halloween Party Food Ideas

Here are a few of my all time favorite Halloween party food ideas complete with instructions. These easy to make treats are the perfect last minute additions to a great night of fun. Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween full of great costumes, endless trick or treaters and small children with sugar rushes. 
Mini Mummies. Cut hot dog in half and roll in crescent roll dough. Bake in oven until lightly browned. Use mustard to make eyes using a toothpick. 

Pumpkin Drink Chiller. Hallow out a pumpkin and place a metal or glass bowl inside. Fill with Halloween Jones soda bottles available at Target or Whole Foods. Add ice right before party. 

Hallow out a small pumpkin and add a small bowl. Fill bowl with dipping sauce and surround with cut veggies. 

Scary Knife cupcakes. Bake regular cupcakes or buy pre made ones from the bakery. Mix corn syrup with red food coloring and drizzle blood like liquid over cupcakes. You can make the knives out of taffy or find plastic eyeballs at a party store. 

String cheese and pretzel broomsticks. 

Reeces chocolate cups turned upside down with pretzel stick tops for another version of witch's broom sticks. 

Severed fingers. Cut strips of white flour tortillas in long pieces. Cut hot dogs in finger sized proportion. At the finger nail part scoop out a small amount to create a nail bed. Fasten the tortilla strips to the hot dogs using toothpicks. Cook until slightly browned on the oven. Remove toothpick and add ketchup to the nails. 

Ghost krispies. Shape ghosts out of rice krispie treats and use small candies in fall colors for eyes and mouth. 

Wrap juice box's in white tape. Hot glue googly eyes and chill before serving. 

Buy pre made sugar cookies and 2 icing decorators tubes in the baking section at the grocery store. Add some white icing and pipe them using the decorative tubes. 

Pick up wine glass from the dollar store and add some paint. Check out detailed instructions here. 

Freeze some plastic spiders inside of ice cubes. 

Create a giant pumpkin face using mini carrots, dipping sauce in small bowls or plastic take out containers from fast food places. Use broccoli at the stem and cut cucumbers as the mouth. 

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  1. These ideas are very cool! I will try them for my upcoming Halloween party at my house! Thanks!